As a Fraud Detection Analyst, you will be critical in safeguarding businesses and financial institutions against fraudulent activities.


Why Join Us?

  • Analytical Skills Development: This role offers an excellent opportunity for candidates to enhance their analytical skills, which are highly sought after in various industries.
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: This can help you sharpen your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, which are valuable in many aspects of your professional and personal life.
  • Technological Proficiency: Fraud Detection Agents often utilize sophisticated software tools and technologies to analyze data and detect fraudulent patterns.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Review and monitor all FTDs on a daily basis
  • Investigate and monitor players with similar patterns/behavior
  •  Review and monitor High depositors
  •  Review and monitor Duplicate accounts to identify Bonus abuse
  •  Review and monitor players with similar patterns/behavior and linking attributes, like IP, software Links, and any other conventional links. (Syndicate behavior, collision fraud) for both Players and Affiliates
  •  Open-source background checks if required (social media, google) – to retrieve more information about players and make informed decisions to take action.



  • Review high withdrawals
  • Players with high cash-in-to-purchase ratios
  • Review suspicious gameplay – high bets
  • Free money withdrawals
  • Review KYC for tampered documents, and similarities of documents received
  • Review source of funds and source of wealth documentation to identify affordability as well as money Laundering
  • Review of 3rd party payments for lost, stolen, or friendly fraud (family/friends) members’ cards being used without knowledge of the financial account holder


Fraud prevention:

  • Locking and blocking of high-risk accounts
  • Monitor and lock duplicate accounts in order to prevent multiple cash-ins, CPA deals being paid more than once, and abuse of bonus funds.
  •  Reporting suspicious behavior to 3rd party – Soft Swiss in order for players to be blocked on registration on our other Brands
  • By looking at data and thinking about fraudulent activity, fraud analysts come up with new techniques to prevent problems from happening.
  • Creating reports to identify high-risk behavior (based on DNA of Company fraud)

Support and 3rd party relationships

Review and provide assistance for fraud-related queries – Internal.

These are all the queries dealt with on a daily basis via Skype or email


  • Bonus allocation reviews
  • Discard bonus restrictions
  • Duplicate account reviews
  • Locking and unlocking of accounts
  • Any other fraud and risk-related queries



  • Review suspicious player documents
  • Review and approve SOF/SOW documents
  • Suspicious betting patterns
  • Review high cash-ins
  • 3rd party deposits,
  • linked accounts, duplicate account
  • And any other Fraud and risk-related queries they require assistance with.
  • 3rd Party Relationships – Soft Swiss
  • Create Jira tasks to provide assistance with a global review on high-risk players (cash-ins and deposits)
  • Reporting of high-risk players (linked accounts, bonus abuse, betting abuse)
  • Player disputes
  • Work closely with the Fraud manager in order to mitigate as well as system improvements and any other back-office assistance


Skills & Qualifications Required:

  • Ability to detect and prevent Fraud, Risk, and Anti-money Laundering.
  • Good interpersonal skills benefit fraud analysts because they often deal with people who are upset and fearful that they’ve been cheated.
  •  Attention to detail – perceiving small changes and things that “just don’t seem right” helps detect fraud
  • Organization skills – keeping track of what is going on, handling information from various sources, and following up in a methodical manner stops fraud from progressing
  • Problem-solving skills – successful fraud analysts are intrigued by complex situations rather than overwhelmed by them; they like to solve puzzles
  • Trustworthiness – employers demand honest workers capable of handling sensitive personal information
  • Computer competency – fraud analysts use technology to conduct research, correspond with clients and colleagues, leverage data, and monitor activity


Your Hiring Journey:

Chat with Recruite➡️ Technical Interview with Team Leader ➡️ Assessment if necessary ➡️ Job offer 🥳


Perks of Being with us:

  • Time Off: 20 vacation days, 36 sick days annually.
  • Learning: English classes, learning compensation, conference and seminar support.
  • Professional Growth: Emphasis on internal promotions for career advancement.
  • Health Benefits: Annual budget for health expenses.
  • Special Occasions: Extra day off for birthdays, marriage bonus, enhanced maternity support.
  • Work Environment: Minimal bureaucracy, no overtime, necessary tools and tech provided.
  • Corporate Events: Team-building activities in a multicultural setting.
  • Work-Life Balance: Flexible remote, office, or hybrid work options without time tracking.


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