What is Revenue Whale Partners?

Revenue Whale Partners represents 3 affiliate programs behind 9 highly entertaining and leading casino brands. We help our affiliates monetize traffic and provide a full range of brand promotion services.

What are Revenue Whale’s advantages?

  • Established in 2016, with a wealth of knowledge, proving to be a trusted, dynamic and ever-growing company
  • 5000+ happy affiliates
  • We have a direct impact on the products we promote, you can be sure that any possible issues are being investigated immediately.

What are your payment models?

We operate with 

  • RevenueShare (payment based on the percentage of profits or losses generated from the eligible referrals for the lifetime of the client. Our rule for the affiliates: if the previous month was closed negative, the new month starts from fresh, for the exceptions please read out T&C), 
  • CPA (type of affiliate marketing commission in which you get paid a one-time fee) and 
  • Hybrid (shares both features of CPA and RevShare models).

What is your payout frequency?

Our payments are NET +14 but we always aim to pay before, never after.  We can offer flexible payments to our trusted partners. Simply reach out to your account manager and start the conversation.

What payment methods do you accept?

Bank transfers (SEPA and non-SEPA accounts), E-wallets (Skrill and Neteller) and crypto withdrawals are available directly from an affiliate account upon request.

What kind of tracking do I have in my personal account?

Intuitive statistical reports at your fingertips which update every hour.
Our inbuilt tracking system can provide you with all the necessary information you may need to run and optimize your campaigns to achieve the highest ROI:

  • Regular affiliate link tracking
  • Postback Tracking

You may track various parameters (registrations, FTDs, amounts of all deposits, sum of all deposits, NGR, etc.) directly in your affiliate account on our platform or we may fire back these parameters to your tracking system via the Postback.

Do you provide any promotional materials that I can use?

Revenue Whale constantly works on providing up-to-date necessary promotional tools and marketing materials that are truly handy and convenient. Just get in touch with your affiliate manager.

How do you onboard your affiliate partners?

Apart from the all-inclusive guides and manuals that we provide for our partners’ use, each of our partners has a personal manager with direct availability anytime.

Do you have a referral system and how it works?

We are always eager to onboard trusted and reliable partners. For detailed information please refer to your manager.

Do you provide information and materials about promo codes, special offers, bonuses, and other updates?

We are more than happy to share all our news and special offers with our partners. Please subscribe to our affiliate newsletter. We’ll be reaching out every once in a while.