As a Head of VIP, your role encompasses strategic leadership, relationship management, revenue optimization, and team coordination to ensure the highest level of service and satisfaction for VIP players. 
Advantages of This Role for You:

  • Strategic Leadership: As the Head of VIP, you have the opportunity to shape the VIP program strategy, setting the direction for how the company engages and retains its most valuable customers. This role allows you to exercise strategic leadership and influence the direction of the business.
  • Revenue Growth: High-value customers contribute significantly to the company’s revenue. By effectively managing the VIP program, you can drive revenue growth through increased 

Key Responsibilities:

Performance Analysis

  •  Practice standard sales analysis to identify trends, preferences, and opportunities among VIP   players, informing strategic decisions to optimize player engagement and revenue generation.
  •  Prepare weekly overview to report to higher management about department progress, achievements, and focus areas
  •  Formulate strategies and objectives to deliver sales, revenue, and activity targets and KPIs for the VIP channel
  •  Analyze the performance of existing tournaments, promotions, and campaigns through data-led insight to assess P&L to aid in appropriate strategizing
  • Forecast and plan team resourcing to ensure efficient workload distribution and segment allocation and propose effective strategies in line with business optimization goals
  • Develop a VIP program to enhance player loyalty and retention and assist in defining, planning and executing of new service offerings
  • Stay acquainted with current regulatory requirements and industry best practices related to VIP programs and player management, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks associated with responsible gaming and anti-money laundering regulations.
  • Continuously seek ways to enhance the VIP player experience, reviewing CSAT surveys, soliciting feedback, implementing improvements, and innovating new features and services to exceed player expectations and differentiate the brand in the competitors in the market


  • Assist and support Deputy Heads with day-to-day decision-making and strategizing
  • Lead and mentor the team, providing guidance, support, and professional development opportunities to foster a high-performing and motivated workforce.
  • Monitor personnel issues and the performance and attendance of the department;
  • Manage issues with the staff through assessment and subsequent corrective action protocol


  • Work with the various departments such as KYC, Fraud & Risk, CRM, Sales and Customer Support to improve overall customer satisfaction and identify and nurture VIP customers throughout their life cycle
  • Collaborate with other department heads to improve and optimize our product and service offerings
  • Act as point of escalation for managing any complaints and assisting with problem-solving

Skills & Qualifications Required:

  • Minimum of 5 years in working experience working in a VIP position in iGaming + at least 3 years experience as Head of VIP.
  • Proficiency in analyzing player data
  • Ability to develop and execute strategic plans to drive growth
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in recruiting and effective leadership and performance management skills
  • Process-competent and solution-focused
  • Customer-focused and passionate about iGaming
  • Master’s degree in Sales, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Business
  • Management, Business Administration, Communications, or any other related field.

Soft skills:

  • Strong ability to listen to and understand the team members’ frustration points and translate them into positive outcomes
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Experience in communication with international staff
  • Empowering and inspirational leadership style
  • Resilience under pressure

Your Hiring Journey:

Call with a Recruiter➡️  Interview with TL ➡️  Final Interview with Head of Recruiting ➡️ Job offer🥳

Perks of Being with Us:

  • Time Off: 20 vacation days, 36 sick days annually.
  • Learning: English classes, learning compensation, conference and seminar support.
  • Professional Growth: Emphasis on internal promotions for career advancement.
  • Health Benefits: Annual budget for health expenses.
  • Special Occasions: Extra day off for birthdays, marriage bonus, enhanced maternity support.
  • Work Environment: Minimal bureaucracy, no overtime, necessary tools and tech provided.
  • Corporate Events: Team-building activities in a multicultural setting.
  • Work-Life Balance: Flexible remote, office, or hybrid work options without time tracking.

Let your expertise and enthusiasm be instrumental in shaping the future of our VIP program and driving our company’s continued growth and success in the iGaming industry.